Tips For Homeschool Field trips

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Are you ready for Homeschool field trips?

If you are going over a particular area of study and feel that a field trip would be awesome, then that’s what you should do – go for a road trip.

If you are connected to a support group or co-op, you can plan to include other families as well.


field trip photo

Here are some guidelines that will help you plan:

1) Collect the rates

Total up how much this will happen for your family. Don’t forget to ask for age distinctions regarding the cost. Does the baby get in free? We certainly hope so, right?

2) Allowed ages

Is it an extreme sport type event such as giant zip lines, where little ones need to have an alternative?

3) Special highlights

This could be your bucket list of what you must do.

4) Size of the group

Are there any discounts? What is the largest group this place can accommodate? Hey, maybe you’re bringing the Duggars. Let’s hope the ice cream shop doesn’t run out of “Moose Tracks” ice cream.

5) Timing

When do they open? When do they close? Are they closed on certain days of the week or holidays?

6) Eating facilities

Let’s save the best for last. You are going to want to seal this event with a memorable meal? Where will that feast take place?

Inform your group of all these details well in advance so that the necessary announcements or flyers can get distributed. On the day of the field trip, arrange to meet with other parents and children in a specified place. Plan the mode of travel and reach the place at least 15 minutes in advance.

The field trip is not just fun.

So, let your kids bring their notebooks and pencils. Some families put together custom field notebooks to make it more personal. Allow them time to soak it all in. Do not rush them along. Do your research beforehand so that you can reinforce the learning opportunities. Get help from a guide, if necessary. We have had special custom talks from rangers in the past as we called ahead to let them know we are a homeschool group. Our favorite place is Chimney Rock in North Carolina. Our children were allowed to pet all kinds of furry and feathery friends.

And most importantly,

have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your blessed children.

What are your favorite places to visit with family? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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