Plantar Faciitis Improvement – Instapromptu Ep. 5

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I have started to see improvement on the Plantar Faciitis.

And I am super giddy. Here’s the update:

I am 2 days late on my Friday update.

I was interrupted by a phone call from my brother in Hollywood, whom I seldom hear from. So – I was at the end of the sunlight for Friday.

However – MUCHO improvement.

Thanks for all the great advice I received. I have been scraping, and massaging, and stretching. It has helped. I bumped up my Fish Oil and Magnesium intake. I have taken an occasional aspirin or Advil. Taping does wonders.

There is a little bit of pain, but overall, I am on the mend.

How can I keep the inspiration to keep the momentum on my running?

(In the past, if I stop running regularly, I have trouble getting back in action.)

And… Happy Hanukkah people!

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