NatureDadBlog Video Episode 3 – The Very Best Burgers

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This is a result of Hurricane Michael.

We did so well. No one was hurt. Our house was saved by a giant tree. We worked to clean the debris. We went without electricity for a couple nights. But we worked together as a family. We met neighbors. even the grumpy ones talked to us. 🙂

So, as we were sitting around, we decided to establish the prize for the best Hamburger and the best Fries. Here are the results:

So what do you think? Want to weigh in on the best burger poll? Leave comments below and thanks for watching. Happy eating.

By the way, is Youtube acting up for you lately? I can’t get the videos to play in my Chrome (owned by Youtube’s Google) browser. I know the link should take you to it though. If it doesn’t play, visit our Facebook group “naturedadblog.”

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