Beautiful Laguna Beach, California

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Do you Know The Way To Laguna Beach, California?

Perfectly situated midway between Los Angeles and San Diego in southern Orange County, Laguna Beach is a popular weekend vacation in Southern California. Offering seven miles of coastline with sandy beaches and palm trees, Laguna Beach is the perfect beach vacation getaway. There are 30 beaches and coves that visitors can explore either on foot or by kayak. The activities here include sailing, bird watching, beach volleyball, surfing, and even scuba diving.

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The Weather

The Laguna Beach also enjoys warm weather year round with an average high of 69 degrees in January and 77 degrees in July. Popular activities for the outdoors here include romantic picnics, hiking, cycling, tennis, golf, and even botanical garden tours.

The Arts

Laguna Beach is also home to an active artist community with almost 100 galleries that showcase art pieces by local and international artists. There are many festivals here in the summer, some of which are known around the world.

Money Can’t Buy you Love

For those who enjoy shopping, Laguna Beach offers a wide selection of unique shops that sell hand crafted jewelry, antiques, and other things that you won’t find anywhere else.

A Beach Vacation

With the perfect weather year round, Laguna Beach in California offers you the perfect location for your beach vacation. Kids enjoy playing in the sand at one of the several beaches, while parents enjoy sun bathing and taking in the views that Laguna Beach is very well known for.

Where To Stay

If you’ve thought about taking a beach vacation in the near future, Laguna Beach is perfect. There are several hotels for you to choose from, many of which offer discounts during the year, depending on when you visit. There’s something for everyone here, even if your family is hard to please.

Want To See Laguna Beach Live?

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In 101 Things to Love About Laguna Beach, British transplants Sally Eastwood and Helen Polins-Jones have collaborated to create an illustrated love letter to their adopted hometown. Eastwood’s prose and Polins-Jones’s watercolor landscapes and motifs capture the beauty of Laguna Beach’s coastline, canyons and wildlife, as well as its cultural heritage and community spirit. This whimsical guidebook is, in the words of the authors, both for Laguna locals and all the visitors who come for a day, a week, or longer, who have also fallen in love with this unique town.

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