History of La Jolla -Then and Now Book

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A Little La Jolla History

I was thinking of this place La Jolla. There are so many awesome places in California. I guess that’s why it costs so much to be there. That’s why I have started on a series of California outdoor things to do.

We lived there (in Southern California) for only a year. It was in 2006. We saw so much. We enjoyed the Verduga foothils and the San Gabriel Mountains. Living in South Florida for most of my life, the concept of mountains and ocean together were so awe inspiring.

I think it’s good to refresh our geography from time to time. That’s what vacation is for me. I can hardly stay put. I want to see more of this world. Do you love seeing new forests and beaches?

What was it like (La Jolla) before all this development?

california photo

I found this book on Amazon. Check it out here.

Beginning with its first settlement in the 1880s, La Jolla established its reputation as a Southern California seaside community known for incredible beauty and natural wonders, shores washed by the surf of the Pacific, and hillsides by jagged sandstone cliffs rising from the sea. Artists, architects, and an incredible philanthropist (Ellen Browning Scripps) were attracted to the community early on. Later came fantastic growth and change.

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