The Invasion is Here – Instapromptu 4 Video

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I say the Invasion Is Here.

I started to place the trash bag into the can this morning and UGH! Maggots all over the top.

Where did they come from?

Inside? Why are they picking on me and my happy little home? Are these the “trick” because I forgot to treat?

maggots in trash

Nature like this is everywhere.

It’s an unsavory thought, but at some point, reassuring. Nature is surviving, adapting. Even though these are full of the grossness, I must say, they are a little bit cute 🙂 What? Really? I’m not going to say that roaches are cute, but they are another example of nature having its way with us in a sense.

Have you seen any unwanted nature in or around your house lately? If so, comment below.

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