Instapromptu Episode 3 – My Deer Friend

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#Instapromptu Episode 3 – My Deer Friend


Here is another impromptu Instagram video. This is an encounter with a young deer. Daily trail running has given me the opportunity to watch this little fawn’s growth.

I honestly believe that they are starting to recognize me.

This fawn was grazing for a while, knowing of my presence. The very next day, she crossed my path without caring so much.
If I had a real camera instead of a phone, there would be a nice shot here.

My daughter helped me with this.

She loves to come with me (with her younger sister) on her bike. We often get comments from hikers, “You better catch up.” or “They’re beating you.”

I love the opportunity to show my DEER friends my dear daughters.

I am becoming quite the nature dad 🙂

Are you a nature loving family? let me know how much you love being outdoors with your family. Where is your “home turf?”

Great trail runners for moms:

And for dads:

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