Hurricane Michael Update – Bass Family

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As you may know, we are a Tallahassee family.

We are looking at (and listening to) all the warnings of the hurricane knocking at the door.

We are staying. The streets are pretty calm. Many stores are closed. It is around 10 am on Wednesday, Oct. 10. The storm is off shore and, to tell you the truth, there is no way to tell how strong it is. The news wants (yes, wants) it to be a “killer” storm.

We are still praying for this storm named Michael to dissipate. K and the girls have done amazing preparations: bringing animals inside (I’m allergic to rabbits and most cats), securing any yard ornaments (toys), etc.


The station is doing fine so far.
CTN Big Bend is doing well so far. The engineer has taken his family to Mississippi for safety. Our program manager is already living there. The Bass family is hunkering down in our brick house. (Aw man, now that skanky song from the 70’s is in my head)

Keep Praying.

We have many friends and family who are staying in town and around. We will soon receive the heavier winds and rains. I am confident that our prayers will avail much in this storm.
Jesus – Yeshua Spoke to the storm and it calmed.
A Prayer for those who are going through the storm.
We have his covering protection and comforts to call on. May His angels watch over all our friends and loved ones in the path of this storm. Praise Him. Praise Him in the storm. Listen for His voice in the time of wind and rain.
YHWH bless you and keep you.
YHWH make His face shine upon you.
YHWH lift up His countenance upon you and give you Shalom in the storm.
Here is some more info from media sources. Read, if you will, but keep in mind reality is often different. Be safe.


Hurricane Michael latest track: Storm gains strength on course for north Florida

Michael strengthened to Category 3 over warm tropical waters. Forecasters fear it will swiftly intensify into a major hurricane before striking Florida’s northeast Gulf Coast, where frantic coastal dw…

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Reports from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that Michael has continued to strengthen during the past several hours. The maximum flight-level winds at 700 mb have been 136 kt,…

Hurricane Michael has upgraded to a category 4. FEMA officials hold a briefing on preparations for the storm. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to deliverin…

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