Episode 2 – Hiking and Wildlife

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In the past few days, I have encountered deer. One of them is getting to recognize me.

She is certainly cautious, but continues to nibble on grass and bushes as I pass by. I learned from the famed bigfoot explorer Roger Patterson that one must act like he belongs in the wild. Do what animals do – preen, scratch, look around. Don’t stare at an animal in the eyes. That is a threat to most of them.

With these deer, for the video footage, I looked through my phone, but the stills were taken the next day as I simply kept her in my peripheral sites.

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir

I asked some homeschool dads if they enjoy hiking with their families and here are a few responses:

“Trying to motivate my kids (wife’s knee is angry) is like pulling teeth. I’ve warned than that 2019 is “the year of the hike”. So many places, so many awesome trails. Hopefully they’ll learn to love it.” – E.

“We usually have to do four miles or less, especially if the terrain is rugged. We live in the northern Ozarks, so that is usually the case.” – J.

“All the time… Well… Not as much as we want to… But we try to make it happen every other week or so” – J.

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