5 Hiking Essentials – Never Go Out In The Woods Without These!

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OK, have you ever decided that you would set out on an overnight hike and NOT bring food?


 Right, you will eat off the fat of the land. You will snare a pheasant like Barney Fife. You will eat plenteous berries.

Our plan was to catch fish. We planned for a berry harvest too. Want to guess how many fish we caught? Want to know how many berries made it down our throats?

When our stomachs started growling louder than the coyotes were howling, we set off on a hunt of a different kind. It’s a road. There’s got to be a store. We walked until we found it.

At the Circle K we ate one of just about everything.

Lesson learned. Well, that’s just one of the hints in today’s 5 essentials of hiking. This is not the super detailed. This is the broad considerations. You need a deeper video for that one. Comment below and help me start on the breakdown of the comprehensive essentials kit.

Oh, please share with us where you went.

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