5 Essentials In Hiking Gear

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If you are looking at an extended hike, here are some tips on gear.

A 5 to 10 hour hike can pretty much allow anyone know that hiking is full of adventure. Be it either a trek for a few weeks or an excursion for a single day you will figure out that you can expect the unexpected things while on that hike. So many different experiences may await you that you may not know what to expect on a particular day. Here comes the significance of hiking equipment (the gear), which would be almost as important as the air you breathe. So let’s hope you will be equiped well to face the varied situations during the trail.

hiking can free your mind

Here is a list of must-have, essential, pretty dern necessary hiking equipment for you to take next time:

Backpack and Rain Cover

Definitely don’t forget the backpack. There would not be anyone courageous enough to go backpacking without a backpack. This pack may contain everything: all that makes you ready for the wilderness. Even though we probably never forget about getting a backpack, we usually don’t think about taking a rain cover.

We may think: “Why hike at all if it is raining?” Well, simply, rains and are inevitable as you go for longer hikes. You most likely need to make some progress, and if you are somewhere like Florida, there are no conveniently placed caves. So, you better get equipped with a rain coat for your day hiking as well.


Hiking food, yum. Is it required to pack food during the journey? Of course. Don’t do like I did and simply expect to catch fish and eat wild berries. Some people can do that stuff, but you and I are likely not certified in that level of wilderness survival.

It is always recommended to pack some food with you when you plan to go for day hiking. Even if your hiking is supposed to end in 2 hours, you may end up lost and wandering in the wild forests for more than 5 hours or so. This applies to canoe outings and boat rides too. Think Gilligan’s Island. Three hour tour? It is probable that you may get hungry with not any food available near by. So definitely it is better to add some light weight packaged food into your list of hiking equipment. Nuts, Jerky, Dried Fruit, are a few suggestions. You don’t necessarily need the expensive food bar that tastes like something that a stork spit up. Here is an example.

Hiking food on naturedad blog


One of the important points to note down while selecting these is that, every pound of boot is probably equivalent to 5 pounds of weight on your back. This is how the body works; you may feel it funny. The weight on one side should complement that on the other; otherwise your back complains like a child who wants to watch word world. Your boots should suit the nature of the trail you are supposed to travel. While a pair of sneakers is enough for some trails, some others really require heavy hiking boots designed specially for this kind of travel. The choice is yours. Here is one suggestion.

Teva Men’s M Arrowood 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The new evolution of our adventure-seeking arrowood, this lighter-than-ever waterproof sneaker boot steps up to any terrain with an easy, understated style. Its retuned, featherweight construction features float liteā„¢ technology, plus better breathability and a beefed up rubber outsole for even m…


It would be better if you be packed with two pairs of socks. A sock having an outer wool and a thinner sport sock combination is most recommended to keep your feet warm and to keep away moisture. The double sock idea is supposed to help delay blister formation. Don’t ever go on a long hike with brand new shoes. You need to break them in like a good baseball glove.

hiking socks on naturedad

Hiking Essentials Kit

I know this entire article is an essentials list, but these are the usuals, the essential essentials if you will. Knife, Fire starter (a couple lighters are the easiest way to make this happen), water bottles and water, a water filter, a cup to boil water and drink/cook in if you desire, first aid kit, survival rope, a tarp or tent, flashlight, compass. I will say cell phone for all the handy tools it has with it (GPS, emergency calls, etc.) but my word to you is that you keep it off as much as possible.

Ready To Go?

I hope this inspires you to get out there for a good immersion in nature. A good long hike can be life changing. If your hike is not so earth shattering, I can guarantee you will never forget the experience.

Have you ever hiked long enough to stay overnight? Would you do it again? Comment below and share where you went.

Now that we are beginners, let’s look at a more comprehensive video from some real experts.

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